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Isaac Julien

Cat No: CVAOH019
Duration: 00:24:04
Location: Hackney, London
Year: 2017
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Isaac Julien was born in the East End of London, one of 
the five children of his parents, who had migrated to Britain from St 
Lucia. He graduated from Saint Martin's School of Art in 1985, where he 
studied painting and fine art film. He co-founded Sankofa Film and Video
Collective in 1983 and was a founding member of Normal Films in 1991. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:16 Growing up in Hoxton, a National Front stronghold 00:01:53 Discovering art and performance 00:03:12 Film and Big Flame 00:04:13 St Martin's School of Art 00:06:07 Experimenting with film 00:06:50 Revenge of the Teenage Perverts - Framed Youth & Film Activism 00:08:56 Who Killed Colin Roach? (1983) 00:12:28 Music and poetry in Who Killed Colin Roach? 00:15:47 Territories (1984) - Continuity with later work 00:17:52 The Passion of Remembrance (1986) – Dialectics
 00:19:55 Kapital (2014) - Playtime (2014) 00:20:56 Relevance of early work in present times
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Production Credits

Tony Dowmunt
Camera and Edit
Zoe Kinross

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